I recently implemented support in Qt and kwin for using the X11 SYNC extension   
to synchronize window frame and client repaints.  
Currently, the protocol I use is the same as the one Havoc Pennington   
originally outlined:   
The current implementation in kwin appears to be compatible with the one in   
The kwin side of the patch is about to go into CVS, so Lubos Lunak suggested    
contacting the metacity developers about standardizing this behavior, or at   
least making it public so things don't change unexpectedly. Also, it appears   
that the toolkit side of the patches have not made it into GTK+. Standardizing   
the behavior might make it easier to get GTK+ and Qt to support the sync   
counter. Lastly, the X server will make it possible to   
double-buffer window resizes like MacOS X does, and as noted in the original   
message, the sync counter makes that possible.     
The patches for Qt and kwin can be found at:       
    Rayiner Hashem    
(Sorry if this is a double-post, my e-mail is being wonky)  

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