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  Rationale: This hint [_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE] is intended to replace the
  MOTIF hints. One of the objections to the MOTIF hints is that they are
  a purely visual description of the window decoration. By describing
  the function of the window, the Window Manager can apply consistent
  decoration and behavior to windows of the same type. Possible examples
  of behavior include keeping dock/panels on top or allowing pinnable
  menus / toolbars to only be hidden when another window has focus
  (NextStep style).

I think that if an application really need a specific decoration it
should use MOTIF hints.  For example, I see no reason _a priori_ to do
not put a border around a DOCK (e.g., I can double click on the border
to shade down this DOCK). However, a dock which looks like the GNOME
or KDE panel with a/two hiding button(s), should not be decorated.
Indeed, kicker and gnome-panel use MOTIF hints.  You give an other
example with the TOOLBAR's: maybe some toolkits will want a decoration
around a TOOLBAR and others not ...

Maybe the ewmh spec can document the MOTIF hints and allow
applications to use it if they _really_ need it. It is clear that
describing the "function" of a window is better than a "visual
description". However, I do not think that _adding_ a visual
description is a bad idea.

Regards, Olivier 

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