>  Hello,
>  any comments on the attached patch? It wasn't explicitly specified, so I 
> think it should be.

It is already specified at the beginning of the section "Root Window
Properties (and Related Messages)".

>  Another issue I have is that if I strictly interpret the 'timestamp'
> field as 
> X server timestamp, then I have trouble identifying the ping replies
> comming 
> back. If I send several pings at the same time, how am I supposed to find
> out 
> which reply matches which ping, when they all have root window as the
> window, 
> and the timestamp is the same? Currently KWin uses the window ID as the 
> "timestamp". Is that ok, or should I have the ID in data.l[2], and change
> the 
> spec to say that the client mustn't modify anything in the event except
> for 
> the target window when responding?

It is unfortunate that the EWMH demands to change the window field in the
event, since that
is entirely unnecessary. The destination window to which the event is sent
is a separate XSendEvent parameter. So the most elegant solution would be to
say that the app should send the ping unmodified to the root window. That
would be a theoretically incompatible change, but I doubt that wms currently do
anything with the window field in received pings (since it must always be
root). We would have to add some advice how wms should deal with pings from old
clients which have the window == root.


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