Re: Lots of _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN issues ...

> resolution and cope with it. This is what happens with Xrandr.

Uhm, no, Xrandr is something else.  But the man page looks intresting,
maybe I should use that instead of VidMode.

Hmm, Debian/stable (XFree86 4.1.0) hasn't this.  Looks like this is
something new?  Anyone knows when this was added?

> >  (2) Somehow related to (1).  What happens if you enter fullscreen
> >      mode with a virtual screen larger than the physical screen?
> > 
> >      old way:  xawtv can check what the phyical screen size is,
> >                again using the VidMode extention, then make the
> >                window size match the physical screen.
> >      _NET_WM:  ???
> This is the "scrolling virtual screen" mode of X?

Exactly.  Where you can switch the resolution with Ctrl + Alt +
plus/minus.  This resolution switching can also be done using
the VidMode extention, and this is used by xawtv to go to
fullscreen at 640x480 ...

This is also used by xawtv to change the screen resolution.

[ long snip ]

> Finally, the WM is only one place we need to get all the
> Xinerama/virtual-resolution/etc. logic correct, if we get that right
> in the WM then apps won't have to worry about it at all. So it gives
> us a single place to handle all the hard parts of fullscreen mode.

Well, a single place isn't true, there is more that one window

Neverless it certainly helps to make application behaviour in
fullscreen more consistent if this is moved to the window manager.


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