Re: Lots of _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN issues ...

>  (1) How should I enter fullscreen mode with another physical
>      resolution?  Background: depending on the hardware and/or
>      drivers scaling the TV to fullscreen doesn't work, thats
>      why xawtv can switch to another physical resolution (i.e.
>      1024x768 => 640x480) to avoid having black borders around
>      the TV image.
>      old way:  xawtv can switch via VidMode extention.
>      _NET_WM:  ???

I don't think switching physical resolution should be part of the EWMH. So
you will probably have to continue to use VidMode (unless R&R offers a more
Vendor-neutral way to achieve the same effect)

>  (2) Somehow related to (1).  What happens if you enter fullscreen
>      mode with a virtual screen larger than the physical screen?
>      old way:  xawtv can check what the phyical screen size is,
>                again using the VidMode extention, then make the
>                window size match the physical screen.
>      _NET_WM:  ???

I'd say that "screen" in fullscreen refers to the physical screen (ie
monitor), not to any virtual large
desktop implemented by the WM or the Xinerama extension.

>  (3) What happens in xinerama mode?
>      old way:  xawtv figures which real screens exist (there is a
>                X extention for that too) and moves/resizes the window
>                to cover one real screen (i.e. you can watch TV at
>                one screen and work at the other in parallel).
>      _NET_WM:  ???

The EWMH doesn't currently say anything about Xinerama (should be in a
future version), but
I think the current practise is to maximize/fullscreen a window not to the
full screen, but only to
the monitor it's currently on.

>  (4) According to Havoc Pennington _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN implies
>      _NET_WM_STATE_ABOVE.  Is that true?  The specs don't say something
>      about this, and it seems not to work.  At least I get complains
>      from users that the gnome panel is still visible in fullscreen
>      mode ...

Look at the very bottom of
theres a section containing recommendations for stacking order.


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