GNUstep and EWMH

When I send the following question to the xdg mailing list a few days ago, I was pointed to this list. Now I expect, that the same people that pointed me to here will be willing to answer in more detail. (At least at GNUstep we would do so :-))

Please reply directly, as I don't want to subscribe yet another mailing list.


At the moment I am looking into better support for the window manager standard and there a problem shows up. OpenStep has the concept of a window having a style (e.g. with or without border decoration) and a window level (normal, floating, modal panel, sub menu, main menu and so on). I tried to match the later onto the EWMH window type. I found various problems with this, which also did vary between different EWMH window managers and different versions of them. First the concept of a menu in EWMH seems to be different from the OpenStep free floating menu, which should stay on top of other windows. To work around this I maped the main menu to dock and the sub menus to menu. As this had some side effects (on KDE 3.1) to the window decoration, I had to switch that off with the KDE override atom. Although this solution somehow works on most window managers, it is less than optimal and a clear definition of the different window types and what they should result in, could help me find a better correlation. Or at least it would allow me to blame the window managers for not following the standard.

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