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On Thursday 18 of December 2003 20:02, Keith Packard wrote:
> Lars Knoll has asked that a feature from Qt available on Windows and OSX
> be available under X.  In those systems, applications may set an overall
> opacity value for their top level windows which the system uses to
> modulate the window content as it is composited to the desktop.  Please
> find a proposal for a simple addition to the wm-spec.xml file.  I've
> implemented this in xcompmgr and transset, but without window manager
> cooperation, applications won't be able to use this capability as it
> requires reflecting any application window property value up to the frame
> where the composting manager can see it.
> -keith
> --------
>     <sect2><title>_NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY</title>
>     <programlisting><![CDATA[
> ]]></programlisting>
>         <para>
> This property indicates the desired opacity for this window with 0 being
> transparent and 0xffffffff being opaque.  Window managers acting as
> compositing managers MAY take this into account when displaying a window.
> Window managers MUST forward the value of this property to any enclosing
> frame window.  This property MAY change while the window is mapped and the
> window manager MUST respect changes while the window is mapped.
>         </para>
>         <para>
> This opacity value SHOULD be multiplied with the original window alpha
> value (which is 1 for visuals not including an alpha component) so that the
> window content is modulated by the opacity value.
>         </para>
>         <para>
> Rationale:  This property allows applications to provide values for window
> opacity in place of any inferred value.
>         </para>
>     </sect2>
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