Re: RFC: frame size hints

On Thursday 04 of December 2003 22:45, Rob Adams wrote:
> How does KDE do placement/implement struts/etc if it has no way to find
> out how big the window frame is?

 Struts are handled by the WM - if the window is larger, it maximizes it (thus 
making it fit in the workarea). And apps usually don't really position 
themselves - they at most save their size for the next time. In the Qt case I 
was more talking about Qt commercial applications - I heard Qt has this frame 
geometry handling added mainly because e.g. some vendors wanted to position 
two windows next to each other (for which you need to know frame sizes of the 
already placed windows). But I don't think KDE has ever needed to know frame 
sizes prior to mapping the window.

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