Re: GIMP-style docks

On Monday 01 of December 2003 01:07, Rob Adams wrote:
> The GIMP dock windows don't match up well with any of the defined
> semantic types in the EWHM.  Calling them UTILITY windows is a stretch
> since they're potentially really big windows that do a heck of a lot
> more than a little utility window or palette is supposed to do, but
> they're not NORMAL either, since they are these sort of satellite
> windows off to the side.

 And what would be practical problems with simply marking the huge gimp 
windows as normal? I can't think of anything.

> The Gimp developers and I are somewhat at a loss for the best way for
> them to proceed in terms of the hints that they set on these dock
> windows.  Do we need a new semantic type in the spec, or can someone
> recommend a good solution with the current spec?  Or is GIMP just so
> weird that we should all throw up our hands in frustration?
> Some discussion is at:

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