Re: saving window states

Alex Hioreanu <spam uchicago edu> writes: 
> As for class + instance not uniquely describing the window - the window
> manager could look at class + instance + _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE + (class +
> instance + _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE of window's WM_TRANSIENT_FOR) + ....
> Although class + instance may not uniquely describe the window, using
> other information can help describe the window less ambiguously.

It's still not going to work though. I've spent a lot of time thinking
about it and windows just can't be reliably identified as "the same"
window across withdraw/map cycles.

I generally agree with your comments, not so much because of user
choice but because of consistency. If we go that route, my best idea
for how to do it is with a _NET_WM_SAVED_STATE property containing an
arbitrary window-manager-provided string. Some WMs could have this
string be a fixed ID that references a file somewhere, some could
actually encode the state info in the string. The string would be
tagged in a standard way with the name of the WM it is intended for.
The main problem I see here is that you'll lose state for all apps you
open while under a different window manager from your usual one.

Don't know.


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