"show desktop" message


A trivial thing I've been meaning to bring up - if you have the little
"show desktop" button on the panel, how does it tell the WM to hide
all windows and show the desktop.

Running Metacity with KDE, the show desktop button works, but appears
to work by minimizing all windows; which results in animating all
those windows as they shrink into the pager, it looks really strange.

When showing desktop Metacity doesn't really consider the hidden
windows minimized, they don't show as minimized in the tasklist for
example. Instead there's just a special mode where all windows are

Anyway, short version, we should have a simple client message for
show/unshow desktop. Suggest type _NET_SHOW_DESKTOP and first data
field is a boolean 0 = unshow desktop 1 = show desktop.


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