On Thursday, 02 May 2002 17:39, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Sawfish and Metacity decorate windows with the _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_MENU
> hint.
> kwin doesn't.

KWin treats them identic to dock windows (WRT decorations).

> Right now, I have a problem since GTK+-2.0 sets this hint on tearoff
> menus, which makes the tearoff menus unusuable under KDE.
> My opinion is that the decorations are correct since:
>  - Tearoff menus should have some sort of menu bar for moving around

Menubar? You mean titlebar?

>  - If this menu bar is to be consistent with with the window manager theme,
>    then it needs to be drawn by the window manager.
>    (GTK+-2.0 also allows it's tearoff menus to be resized vertically and
>    get a scrollbar.)
> Opinions? Is KDE using this hint for anything currently?

It is honoring it, but I don't think it is using it. In KDE, the tearoff menus 
are used as offered by Qt, which transforms them in normal windows when 
tearing them off, thus they automatically get decorated properly.

I don't have enough experience to realize if decorating TYPE_MENU windows 
would wreak havoc anywhere. I fact, I now wonder what is the purpose of the 
TYPE_MENU spec in the NET protocol (i.e., what were the reasons for which it 
was specified). And I also wonder: is a menu gets decorated, what 
differentiates it from a normal window? Why does it need/require the 
TYPE_MENU hint on it?

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