I've started fixing some Qt/KDE/KWin problems with NETWM, as listed in a mail 
I sent some time ago describing things where we don't correctly implement 
NETWM. And I have a little problem with toolbars.

 If I understand _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_TOOLBAR correctly, the application should 
just draw the toolbar itself and the decorations are up to the WM. Which also 
means that the toolbar moving is handled by the WM. Now start e.g. Konqueror 
and make it's toolbar standalone by dragging it away from the window. Now 
drag it again to the left side of the window, it will show that the toolbar 
will be docked vertically in the window.

 Since Qt now creates toolbar as windows without decorations and handles the 
decorations itself, this moving can be easily done. But how could the same be 
done if it were TYPE_TOOLBAR and the moving would be up to the WM? The WM of 
course has no idea where and in which orientation the toolbar could be docked 
in the window. The application, on the other hand, can't control the toolbar 
moving, because it cannot catch the mouse press on the titlebar.

 I thought sending a message from WM to the app to handle the moving could 
solve this, but it looks to me like this could cause race conditions or other 
nasty stuff. Any ideas how to solve this? Having hints on the toolbar window 
saying where and with what geometry it could be docked?

 Lubos Lunak
 l lunak email cz ; l lunak kde org

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