Re: "floating panel" window type

On 17 Jun 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> So if we have that hint, it shouldn't be used for most of those
> on-top-ish things I just listed, but only for this particular kind of
> thing that xmms and gkrellm seem to be. At that point it's really
> identifying a type of window, not a state.
> I do think that a state might be nicer than a type, though, in that you
> can change it without unmapping the window.

I think that a state is preferable.

I think that this is a feature that most people would have disabled (I 
definately don't want my windowmanager to stack XMMS windows in any other 
way than other applications), and many of the people who like it want to 
be able to toggle this at runtime. 

> Maybe just _NET_WM_STATE_FLOATING is the right solution. A window that
> floats above other windows, but isn't really on top of everything, just
> on top of normal windows.

This sounds fine to me.

 - Håvard

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