Re: Pending EWMH additions

> Docks are different, they are below fullscreen windows, can be below
> other docks, can be below dialogs.

Well, just as the fullscreen state modifies the stacking behaviour of
normal windows, couldn't the floating state modify the stacking behaviour 
of docks ? 

> The problem with the ICCCM input=FALSE flag is that for accessibility
> you have to be able to "focus" any window to perform window
> operations, such as minimize. So you can do "fake focus" (focus
> according to the WM but no XSetInputFocus()). e.g. I need to be able
> to open the window menu for "xclock" using only the keyboard.

Yes, the ICCCM focus handling is only about giving focus to the client 
window, the wm may still accept it on its frame.

> However, also for accessibility, you don't want to focus the onscreen
> keyboard at all, not even in this "fake focus" sense. So the ICCCM
> really doesn't express the required semantic.

Never having seen an onscreen keyboard in action, don't these have window
decorations/wm menus ? If yes, why don't you want them to be accessible by
the keyboard ? If no, how about override redirect as a way out ? 


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