Re: pseudo transparency

Havoc Pennington wrote:


It's probably relevant here that the current pseudo-transparency bad
hacks can go away as soon as Keith implements actual transparent

I'd kind of hate to formalize the current appalling broken hacks, but
at the same time replacing them with a new mildly-less-broken _NET
mechanism seems pointless - why break a working convention when we
hope to just get rid of the whole mess in the end?

If Keith implements true transparency, that will be really great, but it will not solve the problem at hands. Idea is that you don't want to use true transparency in most cases, since too much background noise will make reading term's text for example almost impossible. Quite often what is desired is exactly the pseudo-transparency. And to achieve pseudotransparency you'll always need root background. So unless X implements functionality for getting background pixmap of the window ( much missing one indeed ) - there will always be a need for root background sharing algorithm.

Maybe it makes sense to just document the current convention in some
detail, and put the resulting document on, but don't
put it in the WM spec. (After all, this convention can be used by many
apps that are not the window manager.)

Current convention sucks, and is nothing but a cruel hack to temporarily resolve the problem, that has grown out of proportion.



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