Re: raising windows on button release

Dominik Vogt <dominik vogt gmx de> writes:
> This is clearly a user preference, not an application preference.
> Some users and it this way and some the other way, and probably
> different for different applications.  It should thus be
> configurable in the window manager.

But the Mac/Windows "just works according to context" option can't
currently be made available as a choice, I don't think. You didn't
list it among the currently-available fvwm choices if I understood
them correctly.

> Oh no, not *another* protocol for focus handling.  It's difficult
> enough already.  Eh, wait a minute ... you've reinvented the
> WM_TAKES_FOCUS protocol :-)

It's somewhat different, as it's specific to a button click, and
doesn't apply to any other method of focusing the window. Also it has
to do with the whole "activate a window" action (including raise) not
just keyboard focus.
> To see the difference yourself, download the latest fvwm sources
> from CVS with 

I'll have a look.


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