Re: raising windows on button release

Havoc Pennington wrote:

There are some cases where you do not want to raise (or focus) a
window on click, even though you normally do. For example a click that
begins a drag-and-drop operation, or a click that selects (or perhaps
middle-click-pastes) some text should not activate the window.
Nautilus used to have a hack using a Sawfish-specific feature; IIRC
the hack went like this:
- a window could have a special WM_PROTOCOL indicating it would self-raise on click

That might be interesting and would probably handle most interesting cases.

Has anyone else thought about this issue?

Currently, icewm will not raise a window when Ctrl key is held on the click. It will also raise the window only for the button #1 (configurable)

Slightly offtopic, for me a good file manager will use right button instead the left for drag and drop. (The left button must be used for drag-select, just like text selection).


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