Re: move/resize from keyboard

Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de> writes:
> ? Simply 'cause the resize mode you want is typical but not limited to
> keyboard triggerd resizing.
> 	I don't understand how _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_MOVE and

For MOVE, you have to provide the initial mouse button and click
position. For MOVE_KEYBOARD, there is no initial mouse button or click
position. For MOVE_KEYBOARD, you would normally grab the keyboard and
mouse, and end the move on a mouse click anywhere, or if the user
presses Escape; for MOVE, you would not grab keyboard or end move on
Escape. Those are just some examples, I think there are more

Resizing is even more totally different between mouse/keyboard, the
keyboard-resize mode in Windows is fairly elaborate and involves
warping the mouse pointer around temporarily.
> 	Well. Since you want to catch up nearly all extended window manger
> hints I maybe also should specify IceWM's tray hints in a clean
> manner... At the moment it's handled by a simple but somehow quarzed
> "_ICEWM_TRAY_OPTION" hint. Guess in NetWM language it should be specified
> by additional _NET_WM_STATE hints:

Maybe start with the simple question: what's a tray? ;-) I haven't
used icewm. How is a tray different from a task list?


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