"Matthias Clasen" <matthiasc poet de> writes: 
> What is wrong with demanding wm appendages to maintain the current state ?
> This shouldn't be a burden, especially with dedicated libraries like the one
> you're
> currently writing...

There's nothing wrong with it really, I'm just very cautious about
putting intelligence in the pager/tasklist. Any intelligence in there
is intelligence that the window manager is unable to change without
creating a UI glitch. i.e. any intelligence in the pager has to be
kept in sync with the identical intelligence in the window manager.

By putting this in the pager we're saying we don't expect this
intelligence to ever change. Is there any reason we need to make that
assumption? Sasha says we shouldn't update for current window state,
but he didn't give any reason why not. Sasha what is the harm in
updating for current window state?


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