Re: small patch, for UTILITY/SPLASH types, and FULLSCREEN state

Bj|rn Englund <d4bjorn dtek chalmers se> writes:
> Shouldn't the fullscreen state also imply that the window is put on top
> of other windows including 'panels'? (As default behaviour)

I thought about that a bit - I think it implies that the window should
be mapped on top, but I'm not sure it implies a constraint that the
window is always on top - shouldn't you be able to Alt+Tab out of the
fullscreen window? Can't you do this with PowerPoint presentations for
example? And if there are two fullscreen windows can't you use Alt+Tab
to go between them?

Perhaps we should specify that the window must be raised on transition
to FULLSCREEN state? It may not be necessary to spec that though,
maybe it's just a quality of implementation issue that depends on how
a WM works.


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