Re: Linux Window Managers and Accessibility

Sasha_Vasko osca state mo us wrote:
> > desktops.  As you point out if the application is not using the window
> manager
> > (in other words, maps no windows) then the window manager can report
> that, and

In other words, the WM can report that it fails to identify the app's
id among its window clients.

> > the broker can choose to map it to desktops according to its own
> heuristics.
> just a little clarification in case you did not make mistake in above
> statement.
> Window Manager does not manage, know or in any way care about windows that
> are
> not mapped. Thus it can't report it. In fact the only way of keeping track
> of such
> windows, except for some custom communication mechanism, would be repitedly
> requerying window hierarchy.

That was my point, I was referring to programs that create no windows
at all, in which case their unique ids will not be recognized by the

> > -Bill
> Sasha Vasko
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