Re: Application launch detection

On 10 Nov, Peter Astrand scribbled:
->  > ->      This is for version 2.0 of the WM spec, but I'd like to get some 
->  > ->      agreement now since GNOME will likely implement before then.
->  > 
->  > i alreayd have a PID and LAUNCH_Id property workign via an LD_PRELOAD
->  > hack the launcher uses for apps - works like a charm (XCreateWindow,
->  > XCreateSimpleWindow and XReparentWindow are wraped and hacked to
->  > forcibly set these and other properties)
->  My experience is that it's better to use XMapWindow and XMapRaised, since
->  these are called later. 

seems much of a muchness to me - i onyl add the properites if thre
parent window of the created window is root or if it's being reparented
to root :) much of a muchness IMHO :)

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