gnome -> fvwm?, key repeat rate?


Is it possible to entirely bypass gnome and run fvwm instead. I don't
mean running fvwm *on* gnome, I mean not running gnome at all. Gnome
uses outrageous RAM, and I can't prevent all the obnoxious
control_center +other windows and icons from appearing, which wastes
time at the beginning of each session.

There is an option within gnome to increase the key repeat rate and decrease
the delay until repeat, but the maximum values are still too slow. Is there
a way to increase these further? It would be even nicer to do it independent
of the window manager. Alvin suggests a file ".xserverrc" with the line
/usr/X11R6/bin/X -ar1 250 -ar2 20 -middlekey 106 -rightkey 108
where the ar1 and ar2 control key repeat rate, but this didn't work.

Thank you,


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