Re: Window size.

> George Farris <> writes: 
> > Initial window size is set by the app  -  correct!
> > User resizes window and wants this to be the default from this 
> > point on.  Is this the domain of the window manager or application? 
> >  Once I know that then I can ask the appropriate people.  Are you 
> > (Havoc) suggesting that this is the domain of the application?
> > 
> I don't know the answer, but this list is purely for the discussion of
> the window manager specification draft - typically GUI toolkit lists
> are about writing apps for X, and thus questions about doing that will
> be on-topic even if the thing you want to do is a window manager
> issue.

Thats true and thank you for the answer however I'm looking at 
doing some patches to a local copy of a window manager here and I'm 
somewhat confused by the spec as it stands, thus my question.

I'm frustrated that this simple question seems to be something that 
no one has an answer for.  I was sure that this was something 
covered by the window manager spec.  If you have any pointers to 
other groups I'd be happy to try there.

Thanks for all you help.

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