Re: Is this list alive?

>> You see it poses a considerable difficulties - to grow and shrink a list of
>> used desktops. How can I know that desk is unused and I should remove it from
>I think desktops should only be created and destroyed by the user (as you
>say, I might want to keep a desktop around even when I'm not using it). If

Ok, we are missing the whole point here.
Idea is that Window Manager might choose not to care about number of user's
desktops, its naming, etc., etc., etc. at all. It simply allows user to do
anything he/she
wants. Pager therefore has rights to do anything it wants, unrestricted by
Window Manager imposed limits.

For example as far as AfterStep does not care about the number of desktops used
by user, and it does not have any configuration options to mandate number of
and names of those, it would simply go and set  _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS
to the number of supported desktops, which would be 0xffffffff, and it would
leave list
of desktop names blank, since it does not know and does not care about desktop
names. That kind of setup would definately break Pager, if it does not
anticipate such
an occasion.

That is a valid behavior and it should be allowed by the specs, unless we want
to see
wierd Pager behaviour, whenever it gets into the situation like that.

Otherwise it will not be possible to make Window Manager compliant without
crippling it down. I don't think that crippling down Window Managers is the goal
of this


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