Re: Quick question about spec

Hi all - as a lurker on the list I've follow the development of the spec
from day one, and the initial thought of *yes this is the start of things
hanging together on the desktop* has stayed with me the whole time. It seems
the current draft is accepted by everyone. In the future it could cover
more, but there's a solid base and it would be great to get it ratified and
announced. Just that leap would make this a major success. Can any window
manager maintainer want to maintain multiple sets of hints rather than one ?


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From: Kenneth Christiansen <>
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Date: 12 February 2000 01:34
Subject: Quick question about spec

>It seems that noone is discussing the spec. Does that
>mean that it's ready for prime time. If not, why not
>just work hard on it the remaining time, and then release
>a ver 1.0 - People seem to think that this common
>wm-spec idea is just a flop
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