Re: MUST or SHOULD in window gravity?

On Dec 15, 11:17am, Sasha_Vasko wrote:

>>>ICCCM is not wrong, it just obscure, that's why this section was added to
>>>explain in greater details how things works.
>>>It really is not odd when you come to work with it in real life. This rules
>>>the only way for clients to estimate its frame position as related to its
>>>position, and how different configure requests will be handled based on the
>>>Another reason why that should be mandated is that if user specifyes
>>>geometry as a
>>>command line parameter - it expects it to be honored, and the only way for
>>>to be honored is to mandate specified behaviour to Window Manager.

Ah!  Thanks.

In that case, unless someone else has a contravening
opinion, I think this "will" should become "MUST".  As I said earlier,
that way the text is no longer ambiguous, and it becomes consistent
with the rest of the document (including this section).


--- David A. Wheeler
    dwheeler ida org

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