Window Manager Spec v. 1.0 now available


On behalf of, the GNOME Project, and the KDE Project,
I'm happy to announce that version 1.0 of the extended
window manager hints specification (EWMHS) is now available. This
document specifies extensions to the Inter-Client Communication
Conventions Manual (ICCCM) which allow desktop environments to
implement features such as pagers, task lists, or full-color icons via
communication with the window manager.

The EWMHS has already been implemented by many window managers,
including kwin and Sawfish, the window managers associated with the
KDE and GNOME projects.  We believe the specification is an important
step forward in X desktop interoperability, achieved thanks to the
collaborative spirit of the free software community.

You can find the EWMHS here:

This spec is the first document produced by, and was
developed with the help of window manager developers, GNOME
developers, KDE developers, and X Window System developers. The
following contributors are listed in the Credits section of the

  Sasha Vasko
  Bradley T. Hughes
  Dominik Vogt
  Havoc Pennington
  Jeff Raven
  Jim Gettys
  John Harper
  Julian Adams
  Matthias Ettrich
  Micheal Rogers
  Nathan Clemons
  Tim Janik
  Tomi Ollila
  Sam Lantinga
  The Rasterman
  Paul Warren
  Owen Taylor
  Marko Macek
  Greg Badros
  Matthias Clasen
  David Rosenthal

Special thanks to Trolltech for sponsoring Bradley T. Hughes's work on
the specification and a Qt-independent sample implementation now used
by KDE 2.0. Also, special thanks to Julian Adams for doing a lot of
organizational and editorial work to move the spec forward.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this effort!


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