Re: Various comments, mostly on Implementation Notes

> >and section is pretty explicit in saying that X,Y should only
> >be the upper left hand corner of the window when win_gravity is
> >static.
> Yep, you are absolutely right. With the default NorthWest gravity
> client's position will be x+left_border_width, y+top_border_width.
> Unfortunately many Window Managers, even thou they claim to be ICCCM
> compliant, neglect to obey this. (Which is understandable, since its
> much harder to implement then it looks like).

Many? Not  *single* one of the popular wms does it. I tried mwm, fvwm,
afterstep, blackbox.

I did that once in kwm or kwin, but people complained. 

Oven, are there any WMs that do this according to ICCCM? If I make Qt behave
right, it's broken on 99% of the platforms people are using Qt on.... same is
true with GTK+.

I don't know what to do.


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