Re: comments on current spec

Paul Warren writes:
|> 	should the client message also select the desktop/viewport the
|> 	window is a member of?
|Do you mean so that a pager can change the desktop of a window?

No. I didn't explain myself very well. The draft spec says that an
application should send this client message to ``activate another
window''. My point is that the meaning of ``activate'' isn't clear to

I guess the removal of the ``degrees of activation'' thing has caused
this confusion

Presumably the intention is just to focus the window, but this may also
require activating the desktop that the window is a member of (e.g.
since unmapped windows may not be focused, and desktops may be
implemented by selectively unmapping windows)

So I think the spec should either say that ``activating'' the window
may not have any effect if the window is not in the current desktop or
viewport, or that the current desktop or viewport may be changed to
allow the window to be activated.

|OK.  I wondered about removing the WM too, but just carried on the
|tradition of previous drafts.

I think it would be better to standardize on one or the other, or at
least have some conventions about when to choose which prefix.. 

|> 	also, if allowing resize grab position to be specified why not
|> 	add the possibility to restrict the movement to a single
|> 	dimension?
|I think that this should be left to the WM eg. some WMs might restrict
|movement of a SIZE_RIGHT resize to one dimensions, others might allow
|vertical resizing if you drag outside the (extended) boundaries of the

Again, I didn't make myself clear. I meant that if you have the
capability to define resize characteristics, then it seems logical to
allow the same for move characteristics (e.g. to request movement in a
solely vertical direction)

On the other hand, I'm not sure why an application would need to use
either of these messages anyway, perhaps it should be left to the user
to initiate interactive move/resizes?

|Yes.  I would recommend _NET_[WM_]_STATE_STICKY_DESKTOP, and change the

That would be great.

|It would be good if this, and any other implementations by members of this
|list, could be linked to from the spec.

That's fine, though the code may not be too useful to others (it's
written in Lisp and may require some knowledge of the sawmill internals
to be understood)


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