Re: Is this list alive?

Matthias Ettrich <> writes:
> is this list still working? I tried to send a mail last week, but
> apparently it never came through (nor did it show up in the
> archive).

Lists hosted at Red Hat were broken for a while. I wouldn't be
surprised if your mail is still in a queue somewhere, but it could
also be gone.

The list has now been moved to another machine with mailman/postfix
(it was on some legacy RH 5.x box), so it should work a lot better in
the future. Also, if you go to you can set up
your list preferences and so on with the nice mailman interface.

> Paul, did you make any progress with the final draft? If you don't find the
> time to finish it within the next week, please send me the stuff you have (to
>, so that I can compile a final proposal.

As you know but others probably don't, I have a CVS repository that
might be a good home for the draft at  If
people want I can put the spec in CVS and on the web site, which lets
everyone see the canonical latest version at an easy-to-remember URL.
> Both KDE and Gnome are approaching a second major version, it's about time to
> finally use the same hints. I mean, we are almost done for 4 months now, just
> that nobody completed the specs.

Hear, hear. 


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