Re: wms offsetting XMoveWindow() coords

On 23 Sep 1999 16:31:00 -0400, Nathan Clemons <> wrote:

>For those using the site, would it be
>helpful to create a mechanism to add an actual text item to the DB as
>well, or is it preferred to comment there and add items after notification
>on the mailing list?
>And for those that don't have a login, please let me know with a crypt()'d
>password as soon as possible. I really want to migrate towards it for
>developing the spec further.

I hate to break it to you, but everyone I've talked to hates that web
site. wm-spec-list already exists, is the perfect method for discussing
the specification, and is convenient & open. The web site is awkward to
use, still isn't totally open for all to access, and requires people to
remember Yet Another Password in order to manipulate.

You're trying to use fancy technology to solve the problem of poor
management, and it won't work :) From what I gather, things are pretty
close to being finalized - all that is left is to decide on and achieve a
final milestone or two. You've achieved encouraging results so far - now
go for a strong finish.

Please don't shoot the messenger, :)
-- Elliot
The first thing a programmer needs to admit is that any program is by far
more complex than his own mind. Thats why he partitions it into neat
pieces and avoids complexity.

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