DB for the Website

As an FYI, the code for adding comments onto the spec is working on the
website. I will be working on adding all the elements of the spec into the
database, which should be complete by the end of the week.

If the dates seem off on "Marko"'s comments, it's because I'm adding them
into the database with a TIMESTAMP value of NOW(). The titles for the
comments he made in the spec are arbitrarily tagged on by myself. This
will stop as soon as I have finished migrating the spec into the DB. This
is to alleviate having his comments being the only ones not tagged as
comments and being [[]]'d within the spec.

To date, I only have 4 people who have accounts, including myself (Marko,
just send me a crypt()'d password, I've already prepopulated the other
info). I would recommend sending me the info I requested so you can see
what's going on...


Nathan P. Clemons                       "Peace favor your code."
nathan@windsofstorm.net                 ICQ: 2810688
IN CONSTRUCTION:                        http://gnome.windsofstorm.net

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