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Ok folks, here's the deal. I am in the process of setting up a website,
database-driven, that will allow us to take the existing draft and mark
it up with our own comments upon each point that we want to.

In order to do this, anyone that is involved in participating in this needs
to get me the following info:

username (15 characters max)
password (pre-crypted preferred; I really DON'T want to know your password)
email address (somehow I think this will be obvious)

Please get this to me ASAP so I can populate the database and have us
get back to work easily.

This will enable us to see what is "in" the spec, and to be able to easily
disassemble it piece-by-piece, with a centralized mechanism of tracking
comments about a particular aspect. If need requires, I will also add in a
voting mechanism to tally by user login vote so that we can make decisions
that to date _have_not_been_made_.

This will also enable us to generate new drafts easily; all I will have to 
do is
to set a database query that will only pull the text and not the comments.
As comments are made, I will change the main text in the database to
incorporate them and remove the appropriate comments. Thus feedback will
flow back into the "main" text and will help further us positively in a forward

I will not be giving database access to ANYONE not on this list, so feel free
to make whatever comments you want. I would request that you keep it polite,
but I'll be damned if anyone will splash on SlashDot how person X flamed
person Z on this project, so feel free to comment knowing that this will not

- --Nathan.

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