Re: WM Spec Meeting

On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Jim Gettys wrote:

> The problem with Saturday IRC meetings is that some of us have a home
> life, and weekend time is generally family time.  I understand, however,
> that lots of people are contributing on other than their work time, so
> I'm not sure this is a cogent argument against weekend meetings.

I only want to monopolize one hour max.... I have a busy schedule on
Saturdays with gaming group and Sundays would seem like a bad idea to
me... not that I celebrate religious observations on that day, but because
so many other people do.

> This particular weekend, however, is a major U.S. holiday weekend: many 
> people, myself included, will be on vacation.

Touche. Consensus: aim for during the week or the next Saturday?

> 			- Jim Gettys


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