Re: window captions

On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Matthias Ettrich wrote:

> I have a question.
> Some window managers (including kwm) unify window captions. If the user opens
> three xterms, she will end up with "xterm", xterm <2>" and "xterm <3>".
> For well understandable reasons, any taskbar, pager or windowlist should
> enumerate the windows exactly in the same way. But how? I don't think a window
> manager is or shall be allowed to modify the WM_NAME propery directly (possible
> race conditions), so kwm used another property for that.
> What are you guys doing to solve the problem?

This is just another example of the problem with the universal pager
concept.  Presumably the fix is setting a _NET_WM_CAPTION on every
window.  Are we going to extend the spec until it covers every feature in
every window manager?

People seem reluctant to ditch the universal pager interface from these
specs, but I would be in favour of saying: "Here is an interface for a
basic pager.  If you want to do any fancier interaction with the WM then
write your own."


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