Re: Any more features?

On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Matthias Ettrich wrote:

> > Matthias, you said that you were working on an MDI protocol for Qt and
> > your new WM.  If you have this, then I think it should definitely go in
> > the spec.  WMs do not have to implement it, but it would be in all our
> > interests to standardise this stuff.
> Yes, that's definitely in my interest. I had a proof-of-concept running some
> time ago, but was still far away of providing a sufficient and complete proposal
> of the specification for the specs.
> After we discussed MDI briefly on this list, we decided to delay this
> subprotocol to a later version of the specs - in order to release a first
> version as soon as possible.  I didn't continue working on the protocol after
> that, but added emulated MDI to Qt (which is required anyway since not all
> window managers will support the MDI protocol).
> I suggest we work on the MDI issue for a later version of the specs. All we
> need to ensure with the current specs is, that it's possible to add further
> subprotocols later without breaking anything (extensibility :-).

OK, that's fine.  I think I'll put add an implementation note to the
effect that win-in-win MDI will probably be in the next spec, but for
compatibility with legacy WMs, application authors should use either
emulated win-in-win or another form of MDI.



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