Re: Any more features?

> But, my general feeling is that session-management issues
> should be dealt with separately or left to a later version
> of the spec. and I'd consider PING/PID/INSTANCE_ID
> to be session-management issues.

I almost agree, apart from PING. What has PING to do with session management?
PING addresses the embarrassing fact that a ICCCM compliant window manager
cannot offer a reasonable working close button to the user.

IMHO closing windows is one of the key issues in window management. Not
addressing that in version 1 of the specs is a bit strange. I can't see how the
PING protocol can be designed better or easier than what I proposed. If anybody
has any ideas or arguments why my proposal is wrong or were the shortcomings
are, I will be happy to delay the decision to a later version of the specs. 


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