Re: Draft 1.9c

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999 wrote:
> On 24 Nov, Paul Warren scribbled:
> ->  Hiya,
> ->  
> ->  I've finally put draft 1.9c up at:
> ->  
> ->
> ->  
> ->  I'd be grateful if people could take a look, and comment.  I have also
> ->  stuck up a list of things that still need sorting, linked from that page.
> ->  Please let me know if you think of any others.
> ->  Currently they include:
> 1 thing. the _NET_WM_ICON section isnt very explict - infact if i asa
> newcomer to the list or the spec jsut read that i'd have no clue what
> it means... soit needsto add the fact:
> the first 2 CARDINALS are width and height of the icon (respectively).

Ooops.  It says "bytes", it should say cardinals..

> we dotn allow for multiple icons here - so we coudl xpand the spec to
> allow mor eicons to be appended as folows:



but you reminded of something I meant to say - if there are any parts of
the spec which need further explanation or justification in order to make
sense to anyone who has not been following this mailing list for the past
few months, now's the time to point them out.

> as many icons can be provided as an app sees fit - the wm can weed out
> the one it wants. it shoudl be suggested to provide the highest-res
> (largest) icon first in-case the wm is naievee and only takes the first
> icon it finds instead of doing size matching.


> also some things not in the spec:
> there alreayd is an ICCCM machine name hint... but no PID - i really
> think a PID hint woudl be infinitely useful so the wm or other apps can
> track what process Id that windwo belongs too (VERY handy for nuking
> that hung process that doesnt respons to delete events and even if you
> xkillclient it the process remains around).
> this would make taskbars/task managers a whole lot more powerful.

Indeed.  The only reservation I have about this is that	it is not
network-transparent.  You can only kill processes on the local machine.
Although I admit that it would be very useful - get rid of those wretched
crashed netscapes...


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