Re: Application modal transients windows

On Fri, 05 Nov 1999, wrote:
> On  5 Nov, Matthias Ettrich scribbled:
> ->  > 
> ->  > anyone got insight into this? i think it's good we have a debate on
> ->  > this now, rather than leave it half-done and end up with a standard
> ->  > several of us may think is inadequate
> ->  > 
> ->  
> ->  I agree with Raster here. A rgba datastream to store the icon has several
> ->  advantages.  It's a little bit more complicated for simple window managers
> ->  to handle (but hey, who can't handle rgb data?) but it won't slow things down.
> ->  
> ->  What's happening currently (at least with KWM ) is:  
> you missed the:
>          - the app creates pixmap - waits for server reply
>          - the app creates Ximage or XShmImage (in shm this means
>          another server to and fro to negotiate shm segment)
>          - the app converts image data of disk or memory to Ximage
>          - the app XPut/XShmPutImage's the data 

we missed even more. one pixmap isn't sufficient at all. Most applications
define two, a data pixmap and a mask (=> even more roundtrips).

Obviously an argb datastream in the ONE BIG net property on each client window
is the way to go :)


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