Re: Application modal transients windows

> the only thing i think we need to agree on is the wormat.. DWORD ARGB
> or DWROD RGBA or byt packed ARGB or RGBa or what.. we just need to
> agree on a format - perosonally i advocate DWORD ARGB packed data
> (32bit ARGB with alpha in the high byte - why - because x86 and alpha
> both use this endianess and for pixmaps.ximiages in 32bpp the high
> bytse is unused so onverting to a pixmap is a memcpy to an Ximage...
> then a PutImage - and x86/alpha endinaess is the most common one we see
> so i'd vote for using the most commonly used format/byte ordering as
> the default)

Same here (It's in fact also QImage's default format :-).


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