Re: window caption and utf

> Neither of these works well, because a lot of code assumes
> that the only thing that will ever be in a COMPOUND_TEXT
> string is the character set for the currently active
> locale; plus stateful encodings like iso-2022 are
> a real pain to work with.
> - Extending the ICCCM to allow an additional type
>    in these contexts that indicates a UTF-8 strings.
>    There is a draft spec for such a thing at:
> I consider the last probably the best alternative; though
> there are some problems with backwards compatibility.

I observe you will have backward compatibility problems no matter what 
you do if using an old window manager with a new client, though one could 
define a convention that would allow a new client to discover it is dealing 
with an old window manager (looking for a property defined on the root 
window, say), and try to adapt. 

When I said I thought UTF-8 would work, what I meant was mostly that
you'd not crash applications, not that magically they would start displaying
the text correctly.
				- Jim

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