Re: [Utopia] Re: GNOME Power Manager mailing list

<quote who="Richard Hughes">

> At the moment it's not very low (maybe just because it's new...), and I
> didn't think that this list would want to be deluged with conversations
> about the inner workings of HAL and G-P-M. Any UI or integration issues
> I'll post up here too, and keep g-p-m a technical devel type list.

Hrm... But that's what this list is for... g-p-m should be a thriving part
of the Project Utopia and GNOME families. Having it on seems a bit
bong. ;-)

- Jeff

-- 2005: April 19th  
   "Driving Miss Daisy. Best film of 1989. So said the academy. What does
                        that tell you?" - Spike Lee

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