[Usability] Icons for document systems

Given a hypertext document reader such as Info, what icons would you
suggest for going back and forth in the history, going to the next and
previous chapter, going up a section, or going up all the way to the
table of contents?

Name-wise, it seems the logical choices would be stock_left,
stock_right, stock_previous, stock_next, stock_up, and stock_top
respectively. However, the next and previous icons (from GTK and GNOME
if you turn the green to blue) have a different metaphor from the
arrows and look strange:

PNG image

It seems the next and previous icons should have the same metaphor as
the up and top icons. I checked the HIG (great document, by the way)
but didn't see anything this specific. Since this couldn't possibly be
a problem with the icon set, I suspect that I'm barking up the wrong

Can you suggest which icons I should use?

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