Re: [Usability] Activating find with /

> The whole slash thing probably doesn't matter to many
> "average" users (read: not *nix geeks).  But those
> pesky vi users just love it.

I'm a pesky emacs user and guess how many times I've been frustrated
that apps think Ctrl+S should be save instead of search? :) My point
is that options are bad because they have weird side-effects. What if
you tell the average user that you can use either '/' or Ctrl+F to
invoke find? Some will start using '/' to search because on English
keyboards it is one keypress less. Then they will be annoyed because
it only works in some apps and not in others because it is impossible
to make '/' as search a standard shortcut since it doesn't work when
editing text.

IMHO it is better to try and find one size that fits em all and Ctrl+F does.
mvh Björn

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