[Usability] The Desktop: useful or just a relic?

Topaz thoughts..

Again a silly questions to the gods of usefull interfaces;

  Is the desktop useful (or is it just a relic from ancient times?)

Most people I know use the desktop  (the thing in the background where all these funny icons are) to store data. They create folders with names like "Music" and "Private" and "None of you business" and put stuff into them.

But whenever they want to access them, they use the file-picker, because the application they are using is concealing those nice folders. The desktop is the least accessible place on the screen.

Imagine drag and drop: minimize application, open folder, open folder, open application, move application to the left, move folder to the right, drag file into application, close folder, close folder. Silly.

What about a different to store data? What about a "sidebar" (instinct anti-longhorn reaction expected) with all folders in the home directory? Plus, maybe, some "persistent search" folders (All images, all music-files by Jethro Tull, conversations with ALICE...).

I guess there are better ways then the one example above. Do you have any ideas?



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