Re: [Usability] Can't Handle it anymore! (Consistent toolbars?)

Menu and Toolbar Preferences : Uncheck "Detachable Toolbars"


On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 00:40 +0200, Samuel Abels wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-29-03 at 22:35 +0100, Alan Horkan wrote:
> > I've noticed that developers are increasingly getting rid of the
> > GtkHandleBox from their application toolbars. Was this a conscious
> > decision, was there some sort of plan (a detail in the HIG update I
> > missed?) or did lots of developers all independantly come to the same
> > conclusion that it was a waste of space?
> I am one of those developers, my decision was mainly based on the fact
> that I believe toolbars to be a very technical thing providing only
> insignificant improvement - you can do the same without the box, and
> without the handle the windows IMO look better and even easier to use
> (considering that less widgets = more usability).
> (Look at Muine (which is not my application), for an example;
> )
> I admit that I implemented the same even though expecting the HIG to
> recommend against it, however, I just checked back and haven't found
> that explicitly stated there.
> > Perhaps part of the problem is that GTK doesn't provide enough
> > infrastructure for laying out toolbars (a proper toolbar dock system) so
> > that removing this minor feature is no big deal.
> Maybe in some cases that applies, I personally found toolbars to be
> sufficiently easy to use and I didn't use it anyway for the above
> reasons.
> > If there was a
> > mechanism to hide the handles developers wouldn't have aesthetics as an
> > excuse to want to work around and remove it.
> > Microsoft Internet explorer
> > has long had an option "Lock Toolbars" which nicely hides the Toolbar
> > Handles and help prevent any accidental rearraranging or customisation of
> > the toolbars.
> I would like that very much, and this would definitely make me use the
> toolbar widget in my applications. That preference would be great even
> if the option was not exposed in the GUI (like, a gconf key).
> In fact, I even created a theme which makes handles almost invisible.
> Of course, the handle is still there, but it doesn't look that way. You
> can still tell from the spacing though, this is also only possible with
> some of the theme engines.
> -Samuel

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