Re: [Usability] [RFC] Announcing: Control-Center-GUI 0.1

About the control center dialog and "Add to panel" Dialog issue:

> IIRC the Mac panel works by placing the "Category" (Hardware, UI, etc)
> in the Y dimension, and the applet icons in the X dimension. I also
> recall there not being any text descriptions, so when I tried to use the
> Mac panel, I was constantly trial-and-error clicking various applets
> with nice looking icons to find the preference I was looking for.

Ximian/OSX flat style is pretty nice, with categories clearly labeled,
icons with short, descriptive captions, and (maybe?) tooltips. If we
can keep the number of capplets small enough, this setup will work for
sure, and I prefer it over "the notebook design".

> The new "Add to Panel" list is just too long. When I was using it for
> the first time, I was searching for applets I already knew I wanted, but
> had to scan the list multiple times because I kept missing the ones I
> was looking for. Long story short, there is too much info there in a big
> unfriendly list.

In regard to "Add to panel" dialog, may I suggest you to use the same
approach (ie, flat iconview, with clearly labeled categories, icons
with short descriptions and/or tooltips)? With this design, it´ll be
easy to drag and drop things to panel (it´s more intuitive to drag an
icon than an huge icon+long description object to the panel).

Anyway, just my 2 cents.

Best regards


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