[Usability] Re: Faded File Extensions

On 12/23/05, Nigel Tao <nigel tao myrealbox com> wrote:
> When showing files, one theory is that you show the ".txt" and ".png"
> extensions, since they are the true filename, and another theory says
> that you should hide them, since they are 'scary technical details' that
> Joe User shouldn't have to deal with.
> I just had an idea - what if combined both ideas rather than either one
> or the other?  Nautilus already makes the distinction when renaming a
> file (it selects only the "foo" of "foo.txt"), so should we also make
> the same distinction when showing a file's name?
> I've made a mock-up - does anyone think that this is worth pursuing?
> http://browserbookapp.sourceforge.net/misc/faded-file-extensions.png

Sorry, but I think this idea is bad. Most users are going to look at
the pretty icon anyway. If we can get that right, we are off to the

So any hiding/dimming merely pisses off the above average user and
doesn't actually solve anything for the newer user.


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